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We Make It Our Business to Protect Yours.

Welcome to a new digital intelligence platform that provides an integrated approach to product, brand, and revenue protection. Steelgate's fully automated, big data platform captures the complete online landscape quickly and frequently, enabling us to uncover trends that would otherwise go undetected.

Track and monitor individual operations or complex networks -- make more informed decisions across the enterprise with custom reports and real-time online intelligence.

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Gather brand intelligence via insights into the operations and behaviors of suspicious websites.

  • Receive custom reports tracking movement of rogue operations and networks over time.
  • Simultaneously monitor activity relating to all brands and products.
  • Assemble comprehensive case packages for Law Enforcement.

Integrate with e-commerce service providers to reduce access to rogue sites. These cost-effective methods support brand owners in promoting consumer safety online.

  • Educate consumers about potential risks by displaying warning messages on unsafe sites.
  • Make it more difficult for rogue sites to be found in web searches.
  • Partner with e-commerce service providers to terminate their service offerings to rogue businesses.

Unprecedented Benefits

Actionable intelligence for key stakeholders across the enterprise


Increase investigative success rates and reduce geographical overlap. Learn More
  • Receive timely & accurate reporting to support anti-counterfeiting investigations.
  • Develop relationship mapping of high priority networks.
  • Assemble case packages for Law Enforcement.
  • Cost-effectively monitor all products and establish risk profiles.


Make informed decisions on pricing strategies and identify revenue recovery opportunities. Learn More
  • Analyze pricing, dosage and location trends for your products.
  • Gather competitive intelligence to inform marketing strategies.
  • Understand advertising and search strategies employed by sites offering your products.


Quickly address threats to reduce liability and protect brand integrity. Learn More
  • Support online enforcement and takedowns.
  • Identify and react to brand abuse, such as trademark and copyright infringement.
  • Identify e-commerce service providers being used to facilitate sales of counterfeit goods and develop strategies for disruption.
  • Monitor across thousands of counterfeit networks in real time.
  • Target key product lines and areas of interest.
  • Harvest deep web intelligence and identify risk.
  • Built-in big data analytics, tracking, and alerts.
  • Capture entire networks.

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